What is portfolio? In education it refers to evidence of learning progress, in finance it refers to collection of investments and securities. Interior design portfolios are different. In our field portfolio is a storage of your best projects, a showroom of your skills and “Pandora box” of all your work in progress. Interior design portfolio has to be custom cut for every employee in order to bring attention to thing that one’s love working on and can do the best.

I personally prefer to have two types of portfolios :traditional and digital. Traditional portfolio shows your work better and digital gives a chance to show more. As i mentioned prior that portfolio has to be custom cut for every professional “opportunity” on your way. My portfolio is commercial design oriented, and has a modern touch to it. the lay out should be gradual transition of your first projects to the most recent once.

There are two main rules that I would highly recommend to take under consideration:

– By adding new work to the portfolio remove one old one so with the time your portfolio will be a reflection of your perfected skills and best projects.

– Portfolio has to be always up to date and bring to the attention your most recent ” masterpieces”, So if your recent work does not look better than your previous one than we have a problem….

I call my portfolio a professional journey photo album that brings lots of memories with every page